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The Final Fantasy XV Spin-Off Movie Still Looks Incredible


CGI feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is set before the events of Final Fantasy XV. As we’ve seen, the movie looks beautiful. But now, let’s get to know the incredibly real looking characters of Kingsglaive.

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aDDicteD782d ago

Since this is the prequel I hope it comes out before the game. Looks good!

dauntingpixel782d ago

the graphics are bloody stunning. just mind blowing

pompombrum782d ago

I imagine it'll be out before the game or at the very least, at the same time, the Blu Ray edition comes bundled in the collectors edition of the game.

aDDicteD782d ago

That's sweet, one more reason to get the collectors edition

Asuka782d ago

I am pretty sure this isn't a prequel. It's a concurrent plot line with the main game that takes place while Noct and company are on their road trip

Aldous_Snow781d ago

Sean Bean, eh? Bet they kill him off lol