Fresh Off The Boat "Rent Day" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I’ve heard several people complain that, in its second season, Fresh Off The Boat hasn’t explored the Huangs’ Chinese heritage as much as it did in its first season; that the show has become less about being Asian-American and more about being a generic ABC sitcom. I respectfully disagree. While there’s no point in trying to convince someone whether or not Fresh Off The Boat is funny, the show’s undeniably still about Asian-American identity by virtue of being about an Asian-American family. Period. Just because the characters are Chinese doesn’t mean that every last bit of dialogue has to center around being Chinese. Sometimes it can, and when it does, it’s able to address topics that many other shows can’t. Other times, however, the series is content to just be a good sitcom, drawing from tropes we’ve seen from many lesser shows in the past and doing them better.

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