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Arrow "Genesis" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Let’s begin by giving credit to David Ramsey. In the midst of an all-time insane Arrow episode—Damien Dahrk going on the warpath! Oliver and Felicity meeting an immortal shaman! Thea getting sent to The Twilight Zone!—Ramsey manages to refocus our attention on what actually happened to John Diggle. The man, for just about the most understandable possible reasons, just killed his brother in something very close to cold blood. Andy left him no alternatives, making it clear John and his family would never be safe so long as Andy and H.I.V.E. were at large, and Andy did all he could to goad his brother into pulling that trigger. But still, there probably isn’t any coming back from this, at least not entirely. What Ramsey conveys in the moment after Lyla finds him is the full weight of his actions, as he recognizes he killed his little brother, the one person he has spent most of his life trying to keep out of harm’s way. Lyla doesn’t doubt for a moment the righteousness of what her husband did, arguing Andy left him no other options. But still, coming just two episodes after Laurel’s death, John has officially found something else to haunt him for the rest of his life. That’s pretty damn devastating, and Ramsey brings the realism in that moment.

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