Game Of Thrones: Why You Should Be VERY Excited For The Next Episode

WOW247: If you think the excitement is over, you haven’t been paying attention.

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aDDicteD535d ago

I'm very excited on the next episode, I think the oathbreaker title would be meant for Jon snow and young Ned on Brans flashback.

shodan74535d ago

Good call! Never thought about Ned breaking an oath - but given what I suspect about the ToJ, that could actually make sense. Maybe a reference to the Umbers too? Could also related to Jaime. Lots of possibilities.

aDDicteD535d ago

Jaime could be a possibility too because in the first trailer there was a shot showing someone stabbing in the back might be Jaime flashback stabbing the king.

kingjosh1876535d ago

Maybe Ned broke the oath he swore to Lyanna at the tower, perhaps the oath wasn't what everyone believes.