Forbes: 'Bones' Season 11, Episode 8 Review: High Treason In The Holiday Season

This week, the team gets called to a ritzy golf course to recover a body from a water hazard when a couple of guys trawling for golf balls find it. Based on hypostasis, Saroyan thinks the body has been there for two to three weeks, but Hodgins pinpoints the body dump at two weeks, four days, seven hours, and 12 minutes… based on the victim’s stopped watch. Brennan notices brushite forming on the body, which is strange because that’s generally found in cave environments. The only forensic ID technique mentioned was wear on the mandibular dentition, which puts the female victim in the far too precise age range of 55 to 60 years old.

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alycakes975d ago

I thought it was better than a C but to each their own.