‘Alien’ Reboot: Blomkamp VS Ridley Scott

Alien – The impeccable sci-fi movie of the late 1970s that blew the brains of movie goers and sci-fi nerds alike. It was, dare I say, a revolutionary film for the time as it not only excelled in it’s art and sound design, but also broke the rules of filmmaking in many ways. Much like it’s leading actress, it was a “rebel.” The sequel to this classic was then given to the hands of the now renowned king of the blue aliens, James Cameron. And, although in my opinion an inferior to it’s original, Aliens delivered on all fronts to make it a great successor and continue the stellar franchise. Then, years later, we got…honestly, it pains me to even bring up what happened next, so let’s just move ahead to the real topic of this article.

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-Foxtrot975d ago

Ridley is acting a tad arrogant here

If it wasn't for Neil there wouldn't be a recent hype over the Alien franchise being revived. Now he's going to take something he built up and put it towards his new film

I think he's a little jelly a younger director managed to gain interest over concept art rather then his Prometheus film

WitWolfy975d ago

Too bad seemed like a match made in heaven.