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You’re The Worst "A Right Proper Story" Review - AVClub

AVClub: After the last few emotionally heavy episodes, You’re The Worst adopts a lighter, but more scattered approach to “A Right Proper Story,” which provides a look at Jimmy’s cruel, uncouth family and set the table for the final part of the season. It emphasizes the various conflicts at play—Jimmy and Gretchen growing apart, Lindsay stubbornly refusing to sign her divorce papers, the rap feud between Sam and HoneyNutz and Shitstain—while also providing some backstory for Jimmy, a character that has taken a backset to Gretchen for the last few weeks. Jimmy’s characterization hinges on his inflated ego and deep-seated insecurity, but because his defense mechanisms are strong enough to keep most of his internal issues at bay, it makes sense why Stephen Falk and co. would shift their focus to Gretchen and the return of her clinical depression. But the return of Jimmy’s family is just the right catalyst for Jimmy’s internal issues to bubble back up to the surface.

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