How To Get Away With Murder "Hi, I'm Philip" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Hi, I’m Philip” ends with a sex montage that’s oh so quintessentially How To Get Away With Murder. Frank and Laurel, Oliver and Connor, Michaela and Caleb, Nate and Annalise—they’re all boning! These people shouldn’t have time to breathe, but they still find time to get it on. Isn’t that what this show always promised? Sexy things and sometimes murder? At least it’s giving us what’s on the label. But as much as I do unashamedly appreciate this ending for what it is, “Hi, I’m Philip” does not really do much to correct the overflowing mess How To Get Away With Murder has found itself in in the weeks leading up to the midseason finale. If anything, it only adds to it.

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