The Returned "Milan" Review - AVClub

AVClub: If there’s a thematic constant running through “Milan,” the even darker second episode of The Returned’s sophomore season, it’s the idea that we all have cages and prisons—self-imposed or otherwise. Nearly everyone is trapped, for one reason or another, and not simply in the geographical sense of the town. Most of the residents, living or dead, have stepped into a confinement of some kind. Jérôme has boarded himself up within a house, the better to traverse the wormhole of his own obsessive investigation. Camille and her mother both leave the safety of their home, only to return to it after receiving a warning and a beating, respectively. Toni accepts Pierre’s invitation to the Helping Hand, entering a space that seems far more concerned with keeping him in than keeping others away. Serge is trapped by blood—and blood, this show suggests, might be the most traumatic trap of all.

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