The Last Kingdom "Episode 5" Review - AVClub

AVClub: At some point Uhtred had to break. At some point The Last Kingdom had to move past the musing on conflicted values and get to the consequences of such a state of being. For months now Uhtred has been proving his loyalty to Alfred, the Saxon King and ruler of Wessex, while also rebelling against many of his ideals and attempting to hold on to his Danish upbringing and traditions. For the most part, Uhtred has been able to succeed in playing both sides, his claim to Bebbanburg certainly substantial, even if his lack of Christian faith, and lack of standing within Alfred’s kingdom, have largely kept him from moving towards his goal of becoming an Alderman. This week sees Uhtred finally break though, as he comes to realize that all the sacrifices he has made may in fact be fruitless.

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