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Saturday Night Live "Donald Trump/Sia" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In the past (as in 2004 hosting gig), Donald Trump’s self-aggrandizing, blowhard, alpha-Capitalist shtick went down easier, especially as he floundered around on the show in the time-honored non-performer’s manner. That Trump has always been a figure of fun, with everyone from Gary Trudeau, to Gremlins 2, to SNL itself finding his boorish, boundless self-regard a source of easy punchlines. That Trump 2.0 is not only a viable presidential candidate (for the moment), but has built his popularity at least partly on the strength of skillfully pandering to the most extreme fringes of the Republican party by saying things that are—to people not of that ilk—reprehensible, makes the fact that SNL has invited him back to host in the middle of an election season a referendum on Saturday Night Live’s viability as a satirical enterprise.

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