The Affair "206" Review - AVClub

AVClub: From the beginning, The Affair has steadfastly refused to judge its own characters. Actions presented as monstrous in one point of view are shown in a more understanding light in another, creating if not a full perspective, then at least as rounded of a one as possible and then letting the audience sort out their own feelings about a characters actions and motivations. This has been especially effective with the addition of Helen and Cole’s perspectives this season, but the one puzzling exception to this is Noah. Noah is the character consistently shown in the worst light, often coming off worse in his own point of view segments than in others. This could be a powerful statement on how Noah views himself, but the show’s structure so prohibits actual, linear answers that it’s almost impossible to tell if this is the intent. The events of Noah’s perspective this week leave the lingering questions: Who the hell is Noah Solloway, and what the hell is wrong with him?

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