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Exclusive Interview: Garth Ennis' Reaction to the Preacher Trailer

Garth Ennis is having a very big year. In addition to his diverse work in comics at more publishers than you can count on a single hand, his best know work Preacher is officially being adapted for television. Dynamite Entertainment arranged the exclusive first interview with Ennis after the release of the very first Preacher trailer to discuss his new romance comic A Train Called Love, his response to the trailer, attending New Jersey Comic Expo later this month, and what he’s looking forward to next.

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alycakes980d ago

I love what they're doing with this story. Dominic Cooper is great in this from what I've seen in the trailer so far and he's a great actor anyway so I have no doubt that the show is going to be different and weird but that what most of us like anyway.

OJSoFunky979d ago

Glad he isn't as hands on as Kirkman is the walking dead, Because i feel like Kirkman ruins it.