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Reign "The Price" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Reign this season has ad habit of backloading its big moments and filling much of the first two acts with what amounts to complex busy work. (Greer and the pirate, anyone? Some of that has paid off just in things like eliminating options for French succession, so that we understand Charles’ panic attack when he runs into the woods to find Delphine to save a dying Francis. But when Francis falls off his horse with only ten minutes to go, we’re fairly sure he’s not going to pass beyond the mortal coil without some strummy ballads and more tearful dialogue than ten minutes can provide. (The advertising for “The Price” knew, too—TV spots showed Francis’s gasping back-to-life breath as if to reassure us that this isn’t the week that ear infection is going to get His Majesty.) And really, the point isn’t Francis, whose death is real but momentary—the point is the last-second twist that Francis’ new lease on life comes at the cost of the one person nobody can afford to lose: Mary’s mother.

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