Review: The Condemned 2 (2016) | ManlyMovie

In The Condemned 2, scenes of intended tension and peril only serve to elicit loud, involuntary laughter. Take the moment the worst sniper in movie history shows up, which this film now holds the title for. The guy with the rifle simply materializes out of nowhere, then puts himself in the single worst position imaginable for a sniper – atop a ridge line making a glaring, striking, yelling silhouette. The sniper then takes nineteen (!) shots and at Orton – I counted – each one nowhere near its mark, from a distance that any marksman worth his salt would probably nail with a rickety old AKM. During all of this stuff, basically one action story board sewn to the next with no story, Orton is unspeakably wooden. The man is a terrible actor with the screen presence of a breeze block, if he attempted a facial expression he’d probably need emergency surgery.

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