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Spectre is Way Too Ridiculous A Movie To Take Itself So Seriously


James Bond movies are generally ridiculous, although they run the gamut from Casino Royale to Moonraker. Spectre, the new one that’s out today, is definitely one of the more ridiculous of the bunch—but holds itself with a kind of overly grim dignity, like a teenage executioner. The good news? The action sequences are amazing, and the film looks utterly gorgeous.

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alycakes982d ago

Have you seen any of the Bond movies? All of them are way too ridiculous. I mean really.....think about it for a minute.

Hold_It980d ago

I've seen all of the Bond films except Spectre and I have to say Casino Royale remake wasn't too ridiculous.

OJSoFunky980d ago

I didn't think it was too ridiculous, i just thought the story was disappointing.

ajax17980d ago

It's definitely the funniest of the Craig era bond movies. The overall plot was disappointing, though. Oberhauser's motivations are pretty lame and there are so many damn contrivances. Ugh, this movie is a mess, but it's still worth watching once.

alycakes979d ago

I thought it was great. The ongoing story of Bond's past is very interesting to me and how they play it out was also good. There was enough action and the plot strong enough to carry it thru.