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Star Wars Rebels "Brothers of the Broken Horn" Review - AVClub

AVClub: To be clear, I am all about an Ezra-centric adventure. Taking a step back from the more serious, darker episodes and presenting something younger, lighter, and scrappier is a good way to have some fun with the Star Wars universe, particularly when you add in an old fan favorite. Unfortunately, “Brothers of the Broken Horn” comes at a awkward time–we were just introduced to two new Inquisitors, but no one talks about them–and the episode skirts by via some flat characterization and plot choices, neither of which provides much insight into Ezra or his interactions with the characters he meet. Which is disappointing; Ezra new-found, upbeat spirit seems like it could work for a solo episode, but very little in the episode allows that spirit to shine, or even work. Not even when paired with the return of Hando.

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