The Walking Dead’s Glenn is Alive and Here’s His Escape Route

Horror Freak News says "Ever since episode three (of season six) of The Walking Dead aired we’ve all had one enormous question on our minds: Could Glenn have survived what looked to be a guaranteed death at the hands… and teeth of the hordes of walkers that surrounded him and Nicholas? We know good and well Nick didn’t make it, but there are some hints that maybe, just maybe Glenn made it out of that horrific scene"

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Aldous_Snow984d ago

"Glenn is alive". Followed by "maybe Glenn made it out"

Fantastic writing there lol

Best-Horror-Movies983d ago

Not sure what is wrong with the title.

OJSoFunky983d ago

I'm 100% certain he is alive, annoying that they are trolling the fans so hard.

aDDicteD981d ago

Glenn is one of my favorite characters but if he did survive it would make it unrealistic.