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50° Supernatural "Thin Lizzie" Review: Dude, Where's My Soul
I can't handle all of this amazing vintage Supernatural. You'd think that by now, I would have learned not to judge an episode by its promo, but no. I thought it looked cheesy and possibly too goofy. I don't know why I jump to these conclusions and truthfully, I think I prefer these unappealing promos that lead to awesome episodes rather than awesome promos that lead to lackluster episodes.

"Thin Lizzie" was the best possible follow-up to the perfection that was "Baby." Sure, it was goofy, but it was also delightfully old school, with Sam and Dean fighting over the sole bed in their grandma-esque hotel room, Dean mocking Sam's twisted geekery, and bonding with our socially-repressed-weirdo-of-t he-week. My favorite Supernatural episodes are those that combine the case-of-the-week with the larger serialized story, and I was genuinely surprised by Amara's appearance at the Lizzie Borden house and also thrilled by the new mythology concerning souls.

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alycakes986d ago

This was also an awesome episode but this thing with Dean and the Darkness is getting weird....can't wait to see how it ends.