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The Mindy Project "Later, Baby" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I didn’t know that Adam Pally was slated for a Mindy Project guest spot, so I was naturally excited to view a whole new episode with him in it, especially considering how well this show has been doing this season. But I don’t know if it’s been too long without him, but he didn’t segue as well into this episode as I had hoped. The overall effort seemed rather disjointed, written by Tracey Wigfield; as I’ve mentioned, I usually don’t enjoy her scripts as much as some of the other writers in the Mindy Project stable (this season’s “The Bitch Is Back” was my favorite of hers so far). The Mindy Project, as we’ve seen, can offer the best one-liners around, but it needs some sort of solid structural background to hold them all together. An episode focusing on Mindy struggling as a working mom, or even showing the pitfalls of starting her own business, has the potential to be valuable, but one that devolves into seemingly random co-worker in-fighting, not as much.

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