Mike O’Brien On Mr. Show, SNL, And Whether Bad People Can Make Good Comedy

The A.V. Club

Though Mike O’Brien was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for a year, he wrote on the show for much longer, spending time mostly off-camera creating hilarious pre-taped pieces like “Monster Pals” and “Grow A Guy.” Now, he’s cut himself loose from the show’s Rockefeller Plaza studios and headed west to L.A., where he’s working on new projects, including his record Tasty Radio. A comedy LP that pulls its style from comedy classics like Adam Sandler’s They’re All Gonna Laugh At You! and Nichols And May’s Improvisations To Music, Tasty Radio isn’t just a live set put to tape. Instead, it’s a concept LP built around sketches that could be on the radio, some of which contain common through-lines and characters. Think of it like an episode of Mr. Show instead of as a short set on Conan.

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