South Park "Tweek x Craig" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I have to admit, until tonight, I was unaware of the phenomenon that is Tweek x Craig yaoi. For my fellow uneducated South Park fans (if any of you are actually uneducated on the matter), the slash art depicted as overtaking the elementary school this week is very real, with countless romantic/sexual images of the two boys—usually of the anime variety—having surfaced online since they fought in the similarly titled episode “Tweek Vs. Craig” back in 1999. It’s hard to pinpoint why this trend exists beyond there somehow being a considerable number of people out there who just want to see the two characters get it on in the most empathetic, tender way possible. I guess it’s for the same head-scratching reason why there are those who paint Gandalf and Legolas boning, or Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, or any other fictional character combination under the sun. I don’t exactly understand it, but I accept it.

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