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Adventure Time "Bonnie And Neddy" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The nearly five-month gap between Adventure Time’s sixth and seventh seasons is the longest period this series has ever gone without new episodes, and the show’s momentum as a cultural force has taken a considerable dip as a result. Steven Universe is now getting the kind of press and social media attention that Adventure Time garnered at the height of its popularity (and rightfully so because it’s a fantastic series), but Cartoon Network is committed to proving that there’s room for more than one clever, heartfelt, mythology-heavy 10-minute series in its line-up. This month is jam-packed with Adventure Time goodness, starting with a week of new season 7 episodes and continuing with the debut of the Marceline-centric Stakes miniseries two weeks from today, and while “Bonnie And Neddy” isn’t the strongest season premiere, it’s a competent transition into the new status quo.

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