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The Knick "The Best With The Best To Get The Best" Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s hard to tell whether our beloved Dr. Gallinger is uncomfortable or insecure in the company of eugenicists. Is he politely opposed to the process of breeding the best with the best to get the best, or is he suddenly painfully aware that he doesn’t have nearly the education his old Penn chums do on the matter. As much as his 2015 writers might want us to hope for the former, I suspect it’s the latter. Not as a matter of philosophy. Gallinger’s racism is opportunistic. Which brings us to his state of insecurity in general, which brings us to his state of insecurity in this specific circumstance. He doesn’t have all the facts on eugenics, but he knows his stock is falling in both high society and the Knick. There’s nothing he can do to take back Eleanor’s asylum stay, but he can certainly try to get back to the way things were before Dr. Algernon Edwards leapfrogged him in Dr. Thackery’s eyes.

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