60° Ash vs. Evil Dead Series Premiere Review: He's Back, Baby
The formula for Ash vs. Evil Dead is pretty simple: Ash goofs off, a demon shows up, Ash kills the demon in spectacular fashion, Ash says something hilarious. Repeat! And that's all Ash vs. Evil Dead needs, because it all hinges around one man: Bruce Campbell.

Campbell is Ash vs. Evil Dead's everything, reprising his role as the wise-cracking, lady-slaying, demon-beheading hero at the center of the Evil Dead franchise. And his move (and the franchise's move) to television 22 years after the last Evil Dead movie was released was nearly seamless, as everything you loved from the movies is retained in the new series. Well, everything plus about 30 pounds, as the opening scene of Ash squeezing into a corset tells us.

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WizzroSupreme990d ago

I keep hearing nothing but praise for this lately. It's sure a great year to be Bruce Campbell.