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Star Wars Rebels "Always Two There Are" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Here’s what we know by the end of “Always Two There Are”: there are two Inquisitors, one is slightly smarter than the other, and that she may know Ahsoka Tano at a more personal level. We also receive some more thematic information about Kanan and his inability to be a proper mentor to Ezra since he’s not a proper Jedi. (I think the significance of that comes towards the end of the episode, when Kanan admits he couldn’t sense the Inquisitors’ presence.) This is good information to know, for sure, but its info that bears no real meaning on the episode itself. “Always” bounces randomly among tonal, thematic and narrative beats: one minute, it’s a broad argument about Kanan’s teaching skills, then it’s a horror-piece that resembles something out of Dead Space, and then it’s a regular action set-piece with forced comedy and some odd, feel-good speeches out of a 80s sitcom.

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RetrospectRealm993d ago

Not too excited about just sending more Inquisitors out for our crew... I feel like they need to set up some political threats and maybe show us the Imperial Senate meetings like they showed us in The Clone Wars.

OJSoFunky992d ago

Another fantastic episode, this season is off to a great start!