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The Muppets "Walk The Swine" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Pig Out” was a near-perfect half hour of The Muppets that almost got sunk by yet another nasty ending. It’s not that I mind seeing Jim Henson’s creations be jerks to one another, but when that becomes the go-to for the conclusion of every single episode, it makes the show—if we’re being blunt—kind of boring. And that has nothing to do with your tolerance level of Kermit’s dickishness; it’s more about adhering to what makes an interesting story. After a while, the “gotcha!” brand of cruelty grows predictable, and if The Muppets wants to be truly adult, it needs to be surprising.

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RetrospectRealm942d ago

I initially thought this looked stupid but it seems to have been getting pretty good reviews. Maybe I should try it out?

sagesurge942d ago

Funniest episode, legit died while watching Miss Piggy sing "I'm Sorry"

WizzroSupreme941d ago

Sorry, Muppets. I'm just too darn old for this.

RetrospectRealm940d ago

This new one is actually more mature and modern than the old Muppets. I just started it out and love it.

sonicwrecks941d ago

This show is really finding its feet now. Great to see.

OJSoFunky939d ago

Muppets is life! Love the show so far