IGN | 'The Flash: The Fury Of Firestorm' Review


his was the first episode of the season so far that felt a little underwhelming. The plot was more disjointed and unfocused than usual, and the villain is yet another in a long line of underdeveloped foes. Even so, there was plenty to like this week thanks to the debut of the new Firestorm, and the emergence of both Harrison Wells and King Shark promises a thrilling showdown next week.

Be sure to check out Eric Goldman's video reaction to the King Shark reveal at the top of this page and also our post-episode interview The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg about the reveals of the new Firestorm, King Shark and more - including what to expect from the next big Arrow crossover.

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WizzroSupreme997d ago

Sure lov'in this series. Sure wonder if it really could cross-over with Supergirl someday.

RetrospectRealm997d ago

They're still undecided. It's made by the same people, so I'm betting it will. Or, at least I'm hoping it will. Haha