Gotham - "By Fire" Review | COG

COG writes: In show that has become known for its darkness, last night’s episode stood out as being particularly dark. Whatever hopes we had for Edward and Bridget were sent up in flames before our eyes.

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Digital_Anomaly873d ago

Slowly but surely this one is moving in the direction I had hoped for it from the beginning!

generalwinter872d ago

Yeah it's getting quite good.

blackblades872d ago

And what direction is that, it's been good from the beginning just like agents of shield and every other shows people dissed.

JohnnyXeo873d ago

Can't wait to catch up on the PVR.

generalwinter872d ago

Hope this doesn't spoil too much for you!

WizzroSupreme872d ago

Gotham is one of those shows that just wants to watch the world burn.