9 Terrifying Movies To Watch On Netflix This Halloween

WOW247: "Lock the door, close the curtains, put a sign on the door telling the trick-or-treaters to go away and sit down in front of your TV with a bucket of sweets, ready to feast your eyes on some seriously nightmare-inducing films.

"We will not be held responsible for any jumping out of your skin that ensues."

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WizzroSupreme969d ago

I must find the courage to watch a few of these.

OJSoFunky969d ago

Can't wait to watch some scary movies this halloween

RetrospectRealm968d ago

The internet hates the hell of it... but I recommend it to EVERYONE. Halloween III: Season Of The Witch. It's extremely enteraining and even a bit scary.

RetrospectRealm967d ago

Yeah, I've actually only seen it once but I remember loving it. I remember it being a little silly at parts, but John Carpenter's original idea for the Halloween series was for it to have a different type of Halloween based story for every film, almost like Twilight Zone. Sadly, that idea ended with the bad reception that Halloween III got.