The Leftovers "Orange Sticker" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The Leftovers has a problem most television shows would love to have. It’s now two related but essentially separate shows in one, both of them eminently compelling, richly detailed, expertly performed, and lovingly shot. The only downside to season two of The Leftovers is not knowing which of those shows will occupy each episode, and the viewing experience is akin to alternating between hours of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. After “Axis Mundi” cast its spell by introducing the intriguing Murphy family, it felt like there wasn’t enough room in The Leftovers for Laurie, Tommy, and Meg. I quietly dreaded a return to the all-heat-and-no-light Mapleton milieu, but then “Off Ramp,” The Leftovers’ finest hour yet, upended my expectations once again. After weeks of dying to know what happened to Evie Murphy and her friends, I went into “Orange Sticker” slightly bummed about having to wait indefinitely for an update on Tommy and his healing hugs. You know a show is slaying everything when your biggest complaint is not getting to spend enough time with the characters.

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