Empire "Be True" Review - AVClub

AVClub: When Empire’s first season concluded with Lucious behind bars for Bunkie’s murder, the only question was how quickly season two would untangle that knot. Lucious, after all, is the catalyst for most of Empire’s action, so having him sidelined in prison wasn’t going to work long-term. That’s why exploring the aftermath of Bunkie’s murder has never been a worthy investment. The murder was an important component of the pilot, in that it demonstrated Lucious’ willingness to go to deadly extremes to protect what he’s built. But it hasn’t paid off in the story, which promised consequences that never came. Lucious was bound to be acquitted for the murder, and the other members of the Lyon family are mostly unbothered by Lucious’ potential guilt, so he hasn’t lost any of his equity or leverage within the family. To cut and run from a storyline as quickly as Empire has done with Lucious’ legal woes is usually poor form, but in this case, it’s a huge relief.

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