The A.V. Club | 'Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension' Review

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“For the first time,” the TV spots promise/warn, “you will see the activity.” And sure enough, The Ghost Dimension goes where no Paranormal Activity film has gone before, making visible its invisible menace. But maybe there’s a good reason this hit fright franchise hasn’t thrown back the curtain before now. The 2007 original, with its clever practical effects and simple bump-in-the-dark tactics, scored scares by introducing a monster that could move freely around a house, undetected. Likewise, some of the best moments in the series—see, for the most potent example, the oscillating fan-cam of the second sequel—have deliberately obstructed the viewers’ view, turning the space just beyond the frameline into a great unknown. Sometimes what you can’t see is way more frightening than what you can.

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WizzroSupreme997d ago

And now the activity is finally over. Weep not, movie fans.