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10 Most Evils Acts In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


The legend of a comic book villain is built on the disgusting and despicable acts they commit, in order to make life miserable for their sworn enemies, or anyone else who happens to get in their way.
Since the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have seen some of the Marvel’s greatest villains, and some lesser-known antagonists, brought to life before our very eyes. It hasn’t all been entirely successful, but they’ve still brought some impressively malevolent behaviour with them.

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Aldous_Snow997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

Ultron didn't create a bomb. From my understanding it was to have the effect of an asteroid hitting earth when dropped/shot from a certain height. Otherwise I totally missed the bomb part in the movie.

I know it's pedantic but the way he worded the title is a mistake a 5 year old would make. And most of the things he listed are just standard acts you'll see in any comic/action movie.