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Screenrant | 'The Flash: Family Of Rogues' Review


With week two of The Flash‘s second season returning to the familiar feel and formula of The CW’s immediate hit, week three decides to push nearly all of the new world-building and ‘multiverse’ mythology to the side. Instead, past characters make a return – and the existing cast is allowed to shine – to make sure that the building momentum of the show’s plot is pulling every side of its universe along with it.

In “Family of Rogues”, written by Julian Meiojas and Katherine Walczak, the S.T.A.R. Labs team is paid a surprise visit by Lisa Snart, concerned that her brother Lenny has gotten in over his head. In reality, he’s been pressed into pulling off a robbery with his father to keep his sister’s head on her shoulders. Meanwhile, Joe tells Iris the truth about her mother, and Jay and Caitlin try to stabilize the Earth-2 breach in S.T.A.R. Labs’ basement.

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The Flash is just the best.