IGN | 'The Last Man On Earth: C To The T' Review


I feel like there was almost more comic mileage that could have been gotten from Tandy “doing the time” past this episode, given what we got here, but I get wanting to not stick to that too long. Though that fire sure felt random… Perhaps too random? Considering Tandy’s house burnt down too, should we worry one of the group is a pyromaniac? (No, I don't think that's Todd's secret though)

Regardless of whether his imprisonment should have lasted longer, seeing Tandy constantly shocked by his collar while grabbing the water was very funny. Let’s face it, Tandy in pain is not only a good source of humor, but something he does pretty much deserve after all the crap he pulled with these guys.

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WizzroSupreme1001d ago

Phil did the crime and boy did this episode do the time in the best way possible.