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The Walking Dead "JSS" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Last week’s season premiere ended on a solid cliffhanger: Rick’s plan to deal with a herd of walkers crowding a rock quarry near Alexandria by guiding them away from town was disrupted by a blaring horn that drew the zombies in the exact wrong direction. This raised two important questions—how could Rick and his team salvage the situation, and who the hell was honking the horn? While the answer to the former was more immediately pressing, the answer to the latter could have undermined Rick’s apparent dominance of the group. The sound was coming from Alexandria. What had he overlooked? What crucial element had he missed, an element that now threatened everything he was trying to achieve?

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RetrospectRealm1001d ago

Great episode. Still disappointed Morgan didn't take that whole group on in a Batman-style fight. Would've been dope.

zeal0us999d ago

How did Morgan get there before everybody else?