IGN Fargo: "Waiting for Dutch" Review

At the premiere screening for Fargo: Season 2, FX head John Landgraf spoke about how showrunner Noah Hawley had to do the impossible twice over with this new season: first, he needed to continue to prove that it was worthwhile creative decision to reimagine the critically acclaimed Coen brothers movie Fargo, and second, he needed to make a season of television that surpassed the incredibly high bar set by the critically acclaimed Fargo: Season 1. Fortunately, Hawley did do the impossible twice over, as Season 2 improves upon everything that came before it while also offering a fresh and exciting take on the series.

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alycakes949d ago

I for one can't believe this is suppose to be a true story. This guy that did all the killing in the premiere was such an idiot and then the girl that ran over him???? Wow! The season really started out with a bang!

WizzroSupreme947d ago

I can't either. Dumbest killer in history.