Power: “You’re The Only Person I Can Trust” Review - AVClub

AVClub: When Power began, its biggest flaw was its insistence on making Ghost a weary kingpin with dreams of abandoning his criminal empire and becoming a legitimate entrepreneur. Save for a fleeting reference to Ghost’s father, the show never laid a foundation for why getting out of the drug business was so important to him, or why the audience should want that for him. Still, season one forged ahead with the idea that Ghost was trying to position himself to transition out of the game, then ended with that dream destroyed by the attempt on his life. Season two has an energy season one lacked, mostly because Power has been stripped of Ghost’s bid for legitimacy. But it’s starting to become more clear as the season progresses why that idea was folded into the show to begin with. Without some sort of noble pursuit, however vague, Ghost has become much, much harder to root for.

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