TVF Defiance Season 3 Episode 3 Review: The Broken Bough

It looked like things were trying to get back to normal in Defiance, or so it seemed as Defiance Season 3 Episode 3 opened.

Nolan and Irisa showed a rare moment of father/daughter teasing and playing, while Nolan played keep-away with the trashy novel based on their adventures last season.

Sadly, the laughing and playing was short lived, as Datak and Stahma made their entrance into Defiance and nearly got shot. Datak is such a skilled liar I actually had trouble telling what was made up and what was the truth. Then I remembered my simple trick for telling when Datak is lying – his lips were moving.

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alycakes1271d ago

This season is just filled with uncertainty. I worry about what's going to happen to the baby now that it's going to be raised by it's grandparents (God help him) now that his mother is dead. How are they going to fight the villain with all their firearms destroyed by much to worry about.