Orphan Black: Season Finale Review - IGN

IGN: After last week's groundbreaking episode with the Castor Original, Orphan Black's season finale ended on somewhat of a cluttered note -- albeit plenty eventful. For example, we learned more about Kendall Malone and her place in the Leda/Castor hierarchy. I was glad, up top, that Scott explained why Kendall looked nothing like either of the clone factions, using her split-cell DNA as a clever way to sidestep that. Regardless, Kendall's history with Duncan and the Neolutionists proved to be deeply tied to the clones -- specifically Sarah, who, as it turned out, was guided to Mrs. S by Kendall as a way of making up for "finishing" her daughter's lost love John. Of all the scenes this week, I think S and Kendall's were some of the strongest.

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