Childrens Hospital: “Kick Me” Review - AVClub

AVClub: The sixth season of Childrens Hospital is finally over, and even with 14 episodes, it still doesn’t feel like enough. That’s mostly because it’s 14 episodes of about 15 minutes (if we’re lucky) a piece, often squeezing in content for about 30 minutes of television. The show was renewed for a seventh season, and even with that knowledge, the season finale, “Kick Me,” asks the very loaded question: What now? Childrens Hospital is a very self-contained, episodic series, with most episodes having a clear and present conclusion. An episode ends and the next week is a new adventure in absurdism. One would expect the season finale to follow the same structure, but that’s not actually the case with “Kick Me” (appropriately written by Rob Corddry and directed by Paul Scheer). It’s sort of a cliffhanger, and the Childrens Hospital hasn’t really ended a season like that since season one’s finale with “dead” Lola and Blake’s spin-off. The end of the episode is a typical sitcom cliffhanger on an atypical sitcom, which is somewhat new territory for Childrens Hospital.

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