iZombie Season 1 Review | TVOM

TVOM: "To call iZombie‘s premise “high concept” would be an understatement: young medical professional Liv Moore (get it?) gets turned into zombie at a party and discovers a zombie-creating energy drink conspiracy, while eating brains as an M.E. in the morgue and helping the police find murderers with the visions she has from eating said brains. Adapted (very) loosely from Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s 2010 Vertigo comic, iZombie was one of the most-hyped new pilots of the 2014-15 midseason, mostly because it boasted Rob Thomas (previously of Party Down and Veronica Mars) as developer and showrunner. It certainly was an intriguing proposition: could Thomas’s sharp wit and pop culture knowledge mesh with such a goofy, over-constructed premise?"

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