George R.R. Martin: 5 Characters He Wishes Were on Game of Thrones


George R.R Martin points this out first: “My books have a cast of thousands, so for practical reasons they’ve had to cut or combine many characters,” he said.

In other words, the bestselling Game of Thrones author and TV writer understands and agrees that the HBO series must leave out many of his A Song of Ice and Fire saga characters. Thrones has the most sprawling cast on television and some viewers already struggle to differentiate their Aryas, Ashas and Oshas. So leaving out some characters, and combining others, is necessary.

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snowbearder1290d ago

I've read the books and I wish some of these characters made it to the show. It's basically become two different versions of the same tale.

Crazay1290d ago

I never read the GoT series so I can;t speak for the differences but if there's a lot of changes made, I guess it's a lot like the Walking Dead. At times I wish they stuck closer to source but at the same time am appreciative that they change things up enough to keep me guessing.

snowbearder1290d ago

This season of GoT has gone way off course, but with all of the characters and time Martin puts into the books it'd be impossible for the showrunners to keep the audience interested.