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Doctor Who: 10 Undeniable Reasons The Tenth Doctor Sucks

WC: Talk to any fan of just about anything and they’re guaranteed to have their favourites, and their not so favourites. Sports teams, video games, television shows, you name it. Doctor Who has been around for 51 years, with 13 different people playing the role of the Doctor. With each actor to star in the reputable role has come differing personas as to who the Doctor truly is. At first, he was an older looking man who was rough around the edges and generally “cranky”, but softened as those around him got to know him better. From there fans have seen cosmic hobos, Dandies, complete goofs, serious tones, taking us all the way back to our incumbent Time Lord who once again, again, for lack of a better word, is “cranky”.

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alycakes1288d ago

I think most people would have to agree to disagree. Most of the people that I know that are Dr Who fanatics would say their favorites are David Tennant and Matt Smith. I myself would say David Tennant.