Variety: TV Review: ‘Aquarius’

Using the Manson Family two years before the Tate-LaBianca murders as a portal into 1960s counterculture, “Aquarius” is actually pretty groovy — a bit like a poor man’s “LA Confidential” in its revisionist look at the LAPD in a tumultuous earlier time. That makes NBC’s handling of this David Duchovny vehicle puzzling: In making all the episodes available online after its premier, it’s either an interesting experiment, charitably speaking, or an unceremonious dumping of a project whose prospects are, admittedly, uncertain. While the dawning of “Aquarius” is hardly revolutionary, the show does kick off summer with a provocative, cable-like gamble.

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alycakes1297d ago

I think it's going to be good. David D. has rarely disappointed me. The time frame that this is filmed in is also a factor and it will be interesting to see it.