10 Horror Movies to Look Forward to in 2015 says "Major studios are apparently taking note of the surge of top notch indie efforts that ruled 2014. An assortment of excellent pictures hit the market this year, and not a single one made waves at the box office, for that matter, very, very few even hit the big screen. But there are greenbacks to be had when it comes to the genre, and big wigs apparently aren't keen on the fact that low-budget, big heart productions are the ones raking in those dead presidents. So, what's the answer for major studios? Get back behind the wheel, forget their blatant disregard for excellent genre works, and try to lure the spenders back into theaters. With the lineup we're seeing in 2015, Hollywood is obviously looking to reverse their recent horror fortune."

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spicelicka1487d ago

Haven't seen a good horror movie in years. Seriously the shit they make these days is pathetic, I could come up with a better horror film myself if given the resources and experience.

pompombrum1487d ago

There are good ones but they are few and far between. Give Cabin in the woods (stick with it, the start is very stereotypical) and Sinister a try. Both are fantastic horrors in completely different ways.

supersonicjerry1487d ago

Cabin in the woods was and is complete garbage.

spicelicka1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Oh I've seen them both, and almost every other horror movie out these days. Cabin in the woods is acually pretty good, i liked it. I liked Sinister's story as well.

But they're not really scary, by good movies i was referring to horror movies being actually scary. They're have become very predictable, and unnecessary jump scares seem very cheap now. There are some pretty good foreign horror films which i resort to now.

My favourite is the Exorcist, I have yet to find anything at its calibre.

thereapersson1487d ago

Cabin in the Woods is a parody of all the "teen" horror movies. If you get what they were trying to accomplish, it was an enjoyable film.

theshredded1487d ago

hmmm...I don't know but the last witch hunter doen't look like a horror movie
Krampus has me intrigued,it would make a really gr8 horror movie
anyways most of these movies will end up in the steaming pile of Dog sh*t horror that pathetic Murica will cater to just look at Ouija

annoyedgamer1487d ago

Blame the youth culture. My local theater had to send police officer to stay in a Ouija showing just to scare the females into behaving themselves.

Summons751487d ago

Paranormal Activity and Insidious are good horror movies? They are absolute crap. Sinister 2, Woman in Black and The Last Witch Hunter look good.

Spiewie 1487d ago

Insidious and sinister sound pretty cool looking forward to a terrifying year...

PS4isKing_821487d ago

The conjuring is very good. Grave encounters 1 & 2 were also pretty cool.