Marvel May Be Winning The Big Screen…But DC Is Killing On the Small Screen


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These days, the superhero is everywhere. The word has become a part of our everyday vocabulary, and it seems that everywhere we turn, there’s a superhero or two staring back at us. And I must admit, I absolutely love it! As a huge fan of comic books, I am happy that we are at a place where superheroes can be showcased in such a way as to do them justice. While I understand that not everything that happens on the page makes sense on the screen, and some things just don’t work, period; overall, superheroes and their villains are getting the gold treatment. And that is no more prevalent then on television.

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Soldierone1585d ago

To be honest, it's always been this way. If it wasn't Smalleville, it was their cartoons. Spider-Man was good with Spectacular series, then slumped again recently. DC has had a constant stream of quality cartoons though.

When Marvel wasn't owned by Disney, they were getting their 90's groove back. The Wolverine series on Nick was sweet as heck, and Spectacular Spider-Man was the best cartoon during it's run. Then Disney took over and ruined it all. I'm not a Disney hater, they just strip Marvel cartoons of all their depth and make them too kiddy to be a family cartoon.

ironfist921585d ago

Not to mention the excellent DC animated films which blow away alot of regular films, or other animated films by Marvel.

Soldierone1585d ago

WB animation has been absolutely killing it with their movies.

WizzroSupreme1585d ago

For now. Always did like Marvel's TV stuff better if not for Mark Hamill's Joker run. Spider-man The Animated Series, X-Men, even Fantastic Four, if you count animation; Marvel's ruled with TV for a long time. Funny they never have really gone live-action until S.H.I.E.L.D.

acemonkey1585d ago

to each their own...but DC animated films are good some are getting a little bit weird...but Arrow is a great show...never watch shield

batman cartoon was great,so was xmen and spiderman

even avengers cartoon a couple years ago was really good even the avengers assemble

-Superman-1584d ago

TV show:
DC > Marvel

Marvel > DC

Marvel > DC

Marvel > DC

Soldierone1584d ago

Comics are pretty equal, and based on sales I think DC has a slight edge. Marvel has big booms, but their best selling title is still Spider-Man. Outside of that Marvel never really keeps anything new going. Scarlet Spider, Venom, etc... have all ended.

DC on the other hand keeps expanding and very few titles that take off actually end so soon. Plus you don't have to put up with Deadpool on DC's side :P