Dominion 1.06 Review: “Black Eyes Blue” | TVOM

TVOM: "When I was done watching this episode of Dominion, I wouldn’t say that it had brought several plot lines to their conclusion because it hadn’t. Alex, the Chosen One, is still training with Michael. Claire is still preparing for her place in the Senate. Michael is still looking out for Vega and its inhabitants. However, with this episode, the viewers saw somewhat of a moving forward of all of those storylines. It had Alex try to further his training by trying to “evict,” or remove an angel soul, from an eight-ball. It show Claire sit down to a meeting with her father and Akira, the representative from Helena. It revealed to the viewers the backdoors politics, the wheeling and trading Michael has to do to get the things he needs to train the Chosen One. Finally, you saw all of them come together. I liked it."

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