'Ghostbusters' Alert. Dan Aykroyd Promises new Film to Kick off Next Spring


"Ghostbusters" fans, get ready for some more sliming: Dan Aykroyd told TODAY on Monday that the third installment in the classic franchise is gearing up for an early 2015 start.

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Crazay1610d ago

Less talkin' more filming dammit.

darklordzor1610d ago

Yeah, I'm interested to see if it works out this time. I mean, I remember him saying it was going to start filming in 2013 at one point too. Hopefully it does, but more importantly, I hope it's a good movie and not a cash-in.

-Foxtrot1610d ago

They would have to do this when Harold ramis has died

They've been on and off the third film for years but as soon as Ramis dies "Oh we're doing year"

darklordzor1610d ago

True, and honestly, I almost expected his death to either kill the project completely or get them fast-tracking it finally. I guess they went with the latter.

-Foxtrot1610d ago

Yeah I think it's given them a wake up call that they havent got forever to do it.

I'll enjoy it for nostaglia reasons but without one of the main characters I don't think it will be the same.

I suppose they could use the character death as a plot point and the team realises they are getting old so they decide to hire people to take over....which lets be honest it's what this film is about, passing the torch to a newer cast.

They better not go with silly young teenage cast who can't act for shit.